Our flours in your home

From today you can buy our professional flours directly from us, at the mill, in practical 5 kg bags for the most varied recipes: bread, pizza, fresh pasta and desserts. Ancient and multi-grain flours are also available. A line created especially for you, who love genuine cuisine and homemade products!

Molino Soncini Cesare at CIBUS 2018

Another successful participatio for Molino Soncini Cesare at CIBUS 2018, at Parma. We would like to thank everyone who stopped at our stand to see our wide range of flours, and to enjoy the freshly-baked focaccia and pizza made with them. See you at the next fair!

Micca di Parma bread makes a huge impression

Launched only a few short days ago, and already taking the bread market in Parma by storm, the Micca di Parma shows the value of reviving traditional bread grains and offering them in an updated way to the modern consumer. Thanks to everyone who contributed to its successful start!

Where you can find the Micca di Parma

Unearthing traditional grains and bringing them to the marketplace, Molino Soncini Cesare and the Stuard company are proud to offer the Micca di Parma, a traditional bread made in the Parma region for more than 200 years. Click on the video to see where you can find it, and bring a taste of the genuine Parmesan tradition to your table.

The Parma Ham festival sees the re-launch of Parmesan micca bread

The Parma Ham festival this year also saw the launch, or better, the re-launch of Micca bread, made from a traditional grain used in Parma baking for more than 200 years that deserves to be better known and used. Developed in partnership with the Stuard company, Micca is a stone-milled grain used to bake breads intended to go well alongside the staples of Parmesan cuisine, i.e. wine, cheese and ham. The launch of our Micca bread (in two forms: type-0 and wholemeal) was kindly supported by the Parma Ham Consortium and Parma City Council, as well as the traditional Parma mask, Al Dzevod. We thank them for their support of this project to revive traditional grains and breads from our region.