The Parma Ham festival sees the re-launch of Parmesan micca bread

The Parma Ham festival this year also saw the launch, or better, the re-launch of Micca bread, made from a traditional grain used in Parma baking for more than 200 years that deserves to be better known and used. Developed in partnership with the Stuard company, Micca is a stone-milled grain used to bake breads intended to go well alongside the staples of Parmesan cuisine, i.e. wine, cheese and ham. The launch of our Micca bread (in two forms: type-0 and wholemeal) was kindly supported by the Parma Ham Consortium and Parma City Council, as well as the traditional Parma mask, Al Dzevod. We thank them for their support of this project to revive traditional grains and breads from our region.