Gluten-free egg-pasta tagliatelle with Genoese sauce

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Molino Soncini Cesare gluten-free mix for fresh pasta500g
whole eggs6
extra-virgin olive oil1 small coffee cup

Ingredients for the filling/topping

For the sauce:
1kg golden onions, 1kg round beef, oil as needed, 1 glass white wine, salt and pepper as needed


for the tagliatelle: place all the flour in your food mixer, along with the eggs, oil and water, and work until you have a solid single mass: leave to rest for 25 minutes. Once rested, gently roll out your dough, and feed the resultant sheets of the dough into your pasta maker to create tagliatelle-shaped strips. Leave to dry out on a tray for about an hour.
for the sauce: boil your chopped onions for a few minutes in salted water. Remove from the water, and place in a pot with the salt and pepper, and the solid piece of meat: add half a glass of water, cover and cook for about an hour, making sure that you stir every now and again. Once the meat is cooked, remove it, and add little by little the white wine to the onions, stirring occasionally.
Cook your tagliatelle for a few minutes in plenty of slightly-salted boiling water under slightly tender, drain, and serve immediately with the warm Genovese sauce poured on top.


  • Vincenza Borelli

    Non immaginavo di avere con una farina senza glutine un simile risultato .....ottima x tutti!!


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