Speck and mushroom ravioli

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Molino Soncini Cesare Pasta Line flour for Fresh Pasta300g
saltas needed

Ingredients for the filling/topping

Alto Adige Speck cubed smoked ham, porcini mushrooms (cut into small pieces), garlic (if desired), fresh parsley, grated Grana Padano cheese for the topping: 80g butter, 6 sage leaves


first prepare the filling (choosing the quantities of each ingredient as you wish): very lightly fry the garlic in the butter in a pan for a few minutes, then remove the garlic, and add the cubed Speck. Fry gently until it browns, and now add the mushrooms. Cook for another ten minutes, spread the parsley on top, remove from the heat, and leave to cool. Then add the grated cheese. Mix, and taste for salt.
For the pasta, create a mound out of the flour with a well in the middle, and break the eggs into it, plus the salt. Gently fold the flour from the edge into the middle, mix the eggs gently with the flour, and use your hands to mix it all well together until you have a nice cohesive lump of dough. Roll it out into a long thin piece and divide into two equal parts. Down one side, place a quantity of the filling (keeping them about 5cm apart from each other), and fold the other side over onto it. Press down tightly with slightly-dampened fingers to seal the filling in. Repeat with all the dough you have prepared.
Now cut the ravioli in squares, using if possible the correct indented pasta-cutter, and leave them to rest on a floured surface until it is time to cook them. Turn them over every now and then, so that they do not stick to the surface.
Cook in a large quantity of salted hot water for about 5-6 minutes or until they rise to the surface, stirring occasionally, and serve with slightly-melted butter and the sage.


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