Paprika potato balls (gnochetti) with cream of broccoli sauce

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Molino Soncini Cesare Pasta Line flour for Pasta300g
saltas needed
powdered paprika2-3 teaspoons

Ingredients for the filling/topping

for the broccoli sauce:
450g broccoli, 6 salted anchovies, 1 fresh chili pepper, 4 tablespoons grated Roman pecorino cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, salt


clean the potatoes, boil them up with the peels still on, then drain and peel them. Mash them up and leave them to cool. On a floured board, make the classic 'fountain' with the flour: in the middle, add the mashed potatoes, a little salt, the paprika and the egg. Work all these ingredients together, until they form a compact and homogenous dough. Divide the dough into long pieces about 2-3cm wide, and cut each into small cylindrical shapes of 2cm each. Form them into the classic gnocchi shape, each gently folded over on itself either with the traditional gnocchi-shaper or the prongs of a fork.<.br> Now steam the broccoli until slightly soft. While they are cooking, clean and wash away the salt from the anchovies under running water. Place the broccoli into a food-mixer bowl, add two of the anchovies and a little oil, and mix it all together to form a paste.
Start to boil the gnocchi in lightly-salted water, until they rise to the surface (4-5 minutes). While they are cooking, chop the chili pepper into relatively large pieces, transfer the broccoli paste into a bowl, add the grated pecorino and chili, and mix it together to form a smooth cream.
Pour a thin quantity of the broccoli cream on each plate. Remove the cooked gnocchi from the water, drain them and stir in the remaining quantity of the broccoli cream. Serve hot on top of the cream poured onto each plate, with the remaining anchovies as garnish.


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