New England Fantans

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Molino Soncini Cesare type-1 fine flour375g
buttermilk75 ml
fresh beer yeast15g
Mielbio Rigoni di Asiago honeyone teaspoon
egg, beaten1

Ingredients for the filling/topping

Add whatever flavour you have chosen to the 25g butter which is then brushed onto the surface of the prepared dough. You can also dust the rolls with caster sugar as soon they have finished baking, before they are left to cool.


Grease a muffin tray, or similar, and mix the beer yeast with the buttermilk and the sugar or honey, and leave it to rest for 15 minutes. Now heat the milk in a pot with 40g of the butter, until the fat melts, and leave it to cool. In a large pot, sift the flour and the salt, and then add the yeast mix, the milk and butter mix, and the beaten egg, and work it all together until it becomes soft (I use a dough-maker, for about 10 minutes).
Place the resultant dough in a greased pot, cover with cling-film, and leave it to rise in a warm place for around 90 minutes, or until it has doubled in size. Turn it over on a floured surface, and work it again. Shape it into a 45x30cm rectangle (about 5mm deep), melt the remaining 25g of butter (plus any additional flavours you have chosen), brush it onto the surface, and cut the dough into nine equal-sized pieces of 5cm. Place all the strips on one side of the muffin tray, cover with clingfilm, and leave to rise again in a warm place for another 40 minutes or until it doubles in size.
Pre-heat the oven to 200°C and bake for 20 minutes or until the bread browns. Leave to cool on a rack before serving.


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