Chocolate delight

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Molino Soncini Cesare gluten-free soft cake flour mix 50g
eggs2, separated
dark chocolate250g
Lurpak classic butter150g in cubes, plus a little extra as needed
salta pinch

Ingredients for the filling/topping


Pre-heat your oven to 200°C. Butter a 22cm openable cake tray and place to one side. Use the butterfly attachment of your food mixer to whisk together the egg whites and the salt for 6 minutes at speed 3.5, or until the whites are frothy. Add 20g of the sugar, and work for 20 seconds at the same speed. Remove the butterfly attachment, and transfer the egg whites to a small pot.
Now work the egg yolks, the remaining 180g sugar and the butter in the food mixer bowl for 6 minutes at speed 4, at 70°C.
Add the dark chocolate, allow it to settle into the heat for a few seconds and then work for 20 seconds at speed 5. Now add the flour and work for another 10 seconds at the same speed. Re-attach the butterfly, and add the egg whites: work together for 15 seconds at speed 2.5. Transfer the whole mix to the cake tray you buttered at the start. Bake at 200°C for 10-15 minutes; once cooked, leave to cool in the cake tray for 5 minutes, before removing. Serve tepid or cold.


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