Chocolate Spiral cake

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Molino Soncini Cesare type-0 Traditional Grains flourMolino Soncini Cesare tipo-0
Lactose-free Rigioni di Asiago chocolate spread250g
beer yeast12g

Ingredients for the filling/topping


In a deep pot (or the mixing bowl of your doughmaker), melt the yeast in tepid milk, add the Traditional Grains flour, the sugar, the butter and the egg white. Work it all together until you have a smooth and compact dough, form into a ball, and leave to rise for at least two hours.
Once risen, roll the dough out into a rectangle, and spread your chocolate spread across the surface. Once covered, roll the dough into a sausage shape - leave to cool in the fridge for 30 minutes. Remove the dough and cut in half longways. Gently and carefully twist the two pieces around together (like a piece of twisted rope) and close the two ends well.
Place in a lined baking tray and leave to rise for an hour. Once risen, brush the surface with the egg yolk, and a tablespoon of the milk. Bake your Chocolate Spiral Cake at 180°C for 30 minutes. Once baked, leave to cool, scatter icing sugar on top, and enjoy your breakfast!


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