Mushroom crêpes

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Molino Soncini Cesare Green flour for Bread250g
salt and pepperto taste
nutmegto taste

Ingredients for the filling/topping

250g ricotta, 500g Italian mushrooms, 150g grated parmiggiano-reggiano cheese, extra-virgin olive oil, clove of garlic, 25g parsley
for the bechamel:
2 tablespoons Molino Soncini Cesare Bread Line Green flour, 100g butter, 500ml milk, salt and pepper, nutmeg


Starting with the cannoli: place the eggs and the flour in a pot, along with the salt, pepper and nutmeg, and work with a whisk, slowly adding the milk. Once you have a smooth even dough, place a little at a time in a buttered non-stick pan, make into a rounded shape, and cook until each is golden. Once done, place aside on a plate.
To make the bechamel, place the butter with the the salt, pepper and nutmeg in a small pot, and cook until melted: then add the spoonfuls of flour, and gently whisk together. Add the milk, and cook until you have a smooth beschamel. Place to one side.
For the filling, clean and cut the mushrooms into small pieces, and cook in a frying pan with some extra-virgin olive oil and a glove of garlic. If you have too much liquid in the pan, drain it away. Add the salt, pepper and parsley, and leave to cool. Once cold, cut into small slices and add the ricotta.
Take each crepe in turn, cover with your ricotta/mushroom filling, and fold over on itself - pour a little of the beschamel into a baking tray, and place each crepe inside. Cover each one with the beschamel, mushrooms and the grated cheese, and bake until browned at 180°C (about fifteen minutes).


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