Sweet fried calzone pizzas

See the recipe by Lucia Di Tommaso

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Molino Soncini Cesare type-2 Casereccio stone-milled flour1kg
extra-virgin olive oil5 tablespoons
sugar2 tablespoons
beer yeast2 cubes
wateras needed
saltas needed

Ingredients for the filling/topping

apples, raisins, pine-nuts, brown sugar, a glass of rum, pat of butter


Place the flour in a deep pot, and add the sugar, oil, and the yeast melted in tepid water. Work together briefly, and add the salt. Do not touch the yeast, as this will prevent good rising. Add water and work together until you have a smooth and soft dough
Form into small balls and then leave them to rise, until they double in volume. Brush with oil, and cover with clingfilm so that they can rise again.
Once risen, roll out with a rolling-pin and fill each one with your chosen filling. Close into a crescent shape and fry in oil.
For the filling: place your cleaned and cubed apples into a pot, add a pat of butter, raisins, rum, sugar and pine-nuts, and cook until the apples are caramelised.


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