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  • Pasticci & Pasticcini di Lucy

    Pasticci & Pasticcini di Lucy

    Lucia Di Tommaso
    recipes, products and more, all reviewed by Lucy, who loves animals and to travel, but above all to cook, concentrating mainly on cakes and sweet recipes.

  • Il mondo di Ramy *food*

    Il mondo di Ramy *food*

    Ramona Allegri
    Produced by a Sardianian in love with Mediterranean cuisine, particularly pizza, Ramy's blog contains dozens of easily-navigable recipes that cover the full range of the cooking excellence of Italy and the Mediterranean, drawing on a passion for cooking inspired by learning to cook with her grandmother Maria when she was 6.

  • Letizia testa i prodotti

    Letizia testa i prodotti

    Letizia Valeri
    More than just a food blog, Letizia's FB page also reviews products and makes shopping recommendations. With Molino Soncini Cesare flours, she has used a number of excellent yet simple recipes that demonstrate the full quality of Italian cuisine.

  • Le ricette di mamma Anatina

    Le ricette di mamma Anatina

    Vincenza Borelli
    created "by accident" from an idea of Vincenza's daughter Manu, this blog concentrates mainly on Italian cakes, but not exclusively. A mother and a grandmother, Vincenza loves to cook, as you can see. One of the earliest blog collaborators with Molino Soncini Cesare.

  • Veronica's cook and more

    Veronica's cook and more

    Veronica Mirabella
    One of the most popular Italian food blogs, Veronica's Cook and More offers a wide range of recipes, based on a passion for cooking inspired by her grandmother.

  • Le Delizie di Anna Rita

    Le Delizie di Anna Rita

    Anna Rita Camillo'
    A long-time collaborator with Molino Soncini Cesare, the FB blog of Anna Rita Camillo' focuses on all sorts of Italian dishes, including cakes and different types of bread.

  • Cattivi Pensieri

    Cattivi Pensieri

    Sabina Sirianni
    Sabina offers not just recipes, but takes time to consider the ingredients she uses and the way her dishes are prepared. She likes to experiment with ingredient combinations, and likes to use herbs and spices. She supports the use of seasonal products, and wants to share the excellence of food "Made in Italy".

  • Nella Cucina di Teresa

    Nella Cucina di Teresa

    Teresa Mosca
    One of the most prolific of our bloggers, Teresa's site offers clear and easy-to-follow recipes for all types of Italian cooking, explained step-by-step.

  • Il Food Blog di Irene Milito

    Il Food Blog di Irene Milito

    Irene Milito
    Irene's simple-to-follow blog is more than just food, but she concentrates on recipes from Calabria, and has used Molino Soncini Cesare flours to offer a range of imaginative and interesting dishes of all types.

  • Dolci Ricette

    Dolci Ricette

    Emanuela Cestra
    An Italian blog of traditional Italian cakes as passed on by Emanuela's grandmothers. Simple and easy recipes that everyone can make.

  • Delizie & Fantasie di Consy

    Delizie & Fantasie di Consy

    Lia Consuela
    A blog from Napoli that covers every type of Italian recipe immaginable, Consuela brings passion and imagination to Italian cuisine.

  • La Tavola Allegra

    La Tavola Allegra

    Giovanna La Barbera
    Describing herself as a webmaster and a food lover from Palermo, Giovanna La Barbera offers us this regularly-updated blog that focuses only on quality ingredients, and absolutely no GM. Alongside her well-organised recipes for all types of food, she reviews products and makes shopping recommendations.

  • Settesfoglie


    Isabella La Conte
    Isabella's description for her food blog says it all: [seven layers of]....goodness! Italian cuisine and tradition.

  • In cucina con Frollina

    In cucina con Frollina

    Katia Montomoli
    A blog that drips passion for Italian cooking, even if Katia says she does not have much time to spare. She focuses on simple quality recipes that are within the means of everyone.

  • Il mondo di Nanu

    Il mondo di Nanu

    Emanuela Rangillo
    A blog that covers literally every part of Italian cuisine, traditional and otherwise, that also includes gluten-free recipes, speedy dishes, meals for children, and ice-cream recipes!

  • La Kucina di Kiara

    La Kucina di Kiara

    Chiara Rozza
    Inspired by watching her mother Gianna in the kitchen prepare the family meals, Chiara's blog is a way of paying homage to the traditions of Italian cuisine, above all when she has to get her hands dirty with flour.

  • Salta in Padella

    Salta in Padella

    A very well-known blog, Salta in Padella offers the whole range of Italian cuisine in easily understandable and organized recipes, from starters to sumptuous cakes.

  • La borsa di Mary Poppins

    La borsa di Mary Poppins

    Mary Pacileo
    An active and dynamic blog that tests clothes and all manner of products, advice for mothers, and of course recipes. Nice recipes and good advice from Mary Pacileo.

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