type-00 Cake flour for Pastry

type-00 Cake flour for Pastry

A type-00 flour made from a mix of grains perfect for the production of a flour with a low ash content and with the correct balance of starch, which allows for the creation of pastry flours that offer the ideal consistency for making filled cakes. It creates a soft creamy texture, without any lumps. This flour can completely replace cornflour and rice-flour in the production of pastries.

Packages available: 25 kg

Characteristics: W 160/180 - P/L 0.60/0.65 - Protein 11 %

Product code: FA0180



  • ramona allegri

    devo dire che mi sono trovata davvero bene con questa farina, la crema pasticcera è uscita perfetta, anche meglio del solito. Utilizzata svariate volte in dolci diversi, mi ha sorpresa molto.


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