Shortcrust Pastry flour

Shortcrust Pastry flour

This pastry flour is ideal for the production of shortcrust, brisé pastry, biscuits, savoury and sweet shortcrusts, plum cakes, ring cakes, jam tarts, sbriciolona (almond cake), baci di dama (hazelnut and chocolate biscuits). It gives the dough a very well-balanced structure, which makes it possible to: prevent shortcrust pastry from becoming either too hard or too brittle, so that the final product will not crumble, and gives cakes a very fine, soft structure. It is ideal for both traditional leavening and quick rising, using chemical baking powder.

Packages available: 1 kg 25 kg

Characteristics: W 300/320 - P/L 0.50/0.60 - Protein 13,5%

Product code: FA0111


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