Panettone flour

Panettone flour

This flour is ideal for the production of brioche, panettone, colomba, pandoro. Specially suitable for long indirect processes, for starter cultures and dough mixed with large quantities of candied fruit, raisins and chocolate chips. Ideal for managing the enzyme activity required for products that rise several times during the production process. When correctly used, Panettone flour results in a baked product that will retain its freshness and softness longer. Small and large raised cakes will be well developed, fragrant and very soft.
Described by food blog Saltinpadella as "a very high quality flour... the final results were excellent" - August 2016 (

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Packages available: 25 kg

Characteristics: W 450/480 - P/L 0.50/0.55 - Protein 16%

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  • ramona allegri

    devo dire che mi sono trovata davvero bene con questa farina, la crema pasticcera è uscita perfetta, anche meglio del solito. Utilizzata svariate volte in dolci diversi, mi ha sorpresa molto.


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