flour for Bignè and Savoiardi

flour for Bignè and Savoiardi

A Type-00 flour for pastries made from a mix of grains with a relatively low level of protein, produced and milled in a different way from normal flours, which manifests itself in its ideal characteristics for the production of very delicate pastries, such as eclairs, bigne, savoiardi, rice or apple fritters, ciambelle, doughnuts, fried cakes and chiacchiere.
Despite its low protein level, this flour is capable of absorbing very easily the fat ingredients needed to make certain types of delicate pastries, thanks to its elevated elasticity; this means that it can be used to make particularly light and delicate bigne, as well as especially soft and crumbly savoiardi and ciambelle.
Described as "a premium quality product" by blogger La Cucina di Teresa. (http://cucinateresa.blogspot.it/2016/07/torta-di-pesche-e-bacche-di-goji.html)

25 kg:   Email us for a quote for this product

Packages available: 25 kg

Characteristics: W 100/110 - P/L 0.30/0.35 - Protein 10%

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